Tim Nm, CPA, Part III

With the footage trimmed down to a manageable size, I'm proceeding to the deartifacting, deinterlacing, and color correction phase of my workflow. I just finished these tasks for Scene 1, The Vision. There was roughly 10 minutes of footage, and it took almost 20 hours to process. There will be another four blocks of footage that will take just as long. Most of it is a waiting game (sleeping game, actually) as the footage deartifacts overnight.

Above are two stills from Scene 1, one each from the narrative and interview sections of the scene. I'll try to post two stills from each scene as I get them processed.

In this scene, Tim watches his favorite film, taking notes, and playing along to various scenes. It was a fun scene to shoot. We basically turned off all the lights, then brought up a few lamps and as many candles as we could find around the room. The television provided the rest of the light. Fortunately, Jeremy is as obsessed with the film in question as Tim is, so he was able to work the remote, blasting back and forth to various scenes in the film as we shot. Then, Tim discusses what inspires him about film, and his ideas for a new kind of film.

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