Tim Nm, CPA, Part V

Here are some frame grabs from scenes five through seven, crew, cast, and shoot.

Today, I decided to rearrange the sequences. I'm not sure how they came to be the way they were in the first place, but the new sequence will be: Vision, Research, Casting, Crew, Location, Theater, and Shoot.


Jeremy said...

How were the sequences arranged before? Will there be any continuity issues?

Joshua Provost said...

Used to be: Vision, Research, Location, Theater, Crew, Cast, Shoot. So, the middle stuff gets rearranged. I think once the script is written (Research), that he'd do the audition first, then get the crew, then location. The theater is an oddball. He'd probably do that after the film is done. However, I, as a documentarian, will be asked to leave and never contacted again after everything goes wrong at the shoot. Anyway, I can't think of any continuity problems it would cause.

Jeremy said...

Yeah, that makes a lot more sense. I think you basically just had them in the order that we originally shot them, which really has nothing to do with the flow.

Just beware of those tie continuity issues.