Matter of Chance, Twelve More Months

It was July 5, 2005 when I made this post and this post about Matter of Chance's first year and what was to come. How about a quick review of the objectives, and what has actually transpired from July 2005 through June 2006?

  1. Submit last years films to select film festivals - I've been doing this off and on. At this point, most of our films have been screened in one venue or another, and The Visitor is being screened at an upcoming festival. Overall, I would have liked to submit more often, but I'm hitting the ones with cheap (or free) entry fees as they come along.
  2. Finish Tim Nm, CPA - Haha, not a chance. I'd need to start it before I could finish it. I did jump ahead and start working on Days of Being Wrinkle Free, and that's about 50% done, so that's some progress.
  3. Finish The Subject - Hey, done.
  4. Finish TMINM music video (woods footage) - Haven't touched it.
  5. Finish TMINM documentary - No touchee.
  6. I'm Not Crazy, Pantomiming, and Outside In Director's Cuts - This is done, too. All those film films, color corrected and really polished up.
  7. Release MoC DVD - Not done, but I think CustomFlix is a good way to go on this. Need to go back and get commercial clearances to some of the music before we can do it legally.
  8. Intenser Math (Screenplay, Gabe?) - I think we eventually soured on sequels.
  9. Tim Nm 2 (already conceptualized) - No way Jeremy would help out with this one.
  10. Wildlifeless - Actually shot most of it just moments before June 2006 expired.
  11. Young Castro (starring Gabe) - Much more well-developed now. It has a name, Sierra Maestra. A storyline. Subtext. And no screenplay, yet.
  12. Brothers/California story - Also continues to brew, but no real plans.
  13. Songwriter? - I guess Gabe never felt strongly enough about this to take it to the next level. However, music and bands are definitely on my list to tackle at some point. It's something I know well.
  14. Update MoC web site - More than updated, we have a legit web site, and it's regularly updated!

I'd say we're batting about 50% on those objectives. We finished Leonardo and made a 48-hour film, Rendezvous. I guess we have done some other stuff, although the actual new film output has been pretty low. So many good ideas are brewing and being really meticulously polished, there's some really great stuff right around the corner.

OK, so what's in store for the next twelve months (keeping it to 10 bullets this time around)?

  1. Finish Days of Being Wrinkle Free
  2. Finish Wildlifeless
  3. Finish Tim Nm, CPA
  4. White Bread
  5. Filmic
  6. Everlast
  7. Searching for Manscare
  8. :30 Commerical Challenge in September
  9. 48-Hour Challenge next February
  10. Release MoC DVD, Volume 1

Sierra Maestra is still very questionable considering I don't have a script, and I'm thinking twice about tackling anything out of state after the Wildlifeless experience. Still, that's a lot of stuff to get done, a lot of awesome films, mostly written by Brock. I think we might actually get all of this stuff done.


Gabe said...

Holy posts, Batman!!!
I started two different "Intenser Math" sequels. Both didn't feel right. A sequel is out, unless I have a revelation.
"Songwrite" was being written as a feature. I just don't have the time to finish such a venture. Maybe I'll condense it to a short.

Joshua Provost said...

Not to mention your Intense Math co-stars probably won't be around for a sequel. They're in a different world now, from what I hear. Ah, it was good while it lasted.