Days of Being Wrinkle Free, Part II

It seems I keep watching the footage, but not getting a whole lot done. I'm way too left-brained to deal with this footage.

Hey, I did give a shot at giving it a structure. Made a call to Jeremy to consult, and broke up the footage into about fifteen sections. Started to go through section by section, then jumped to the end to see if having an ending together made the rest of it make sense. Then, gave up for a few days.

Well, the Inspiration Film Festival says they will take a look at "works in progress," so if I want to get it in, I have to hit it hard tonight. All the books say not to rush to meet a deadline, and to just wait until next year. However, to that I say, hey, I have never gotten anything done without a deadline, and we could really use the prize money (were it to get that far) this year.

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