Days of Being Wrinkle Free, Part IV

Since the last DoBWF post, I've done a number of editing passes through the footage, tightening up the edits, replacing shots, adding some insert shots between the major sequences, and generally tweaking unsteady/off-balance shots. At first, the chip scenes were cut, then one was added back, and now I am going to add some parts of all the chips scenes back in. Not where they were originally envisioned (which just won't work), but redefining what the scenes mean and putting them in different places.

I am also compiling a list of references found in the film. So far, I have found 16 references to Wong Kar Wai (mostly to Chungking Express) , and 7 references to the Cleary music video (it was unavoidable). I'm definitely interested in putting together a little behind the scenes video that shows the references side by side. There's no shame it. It was our intention from the start.

Finally, I was looking back at a post from November that has some stills of the final Tim Nm, CPA scene in the laundromat. Now that DoBWF is almost done, I'm excited to see the end of Tim Nm and how it will flow right from that dramatic and funny final scene into DoBWF. It's going to be pretty cool.

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