IFC Media Lab Update

With seemingly no advanced notice on the IFC Media Lab web site, IFC began screening the first batch of top-rated films Wednesday night. A total of five films were screened. The March Media Lab Results show will be replayed nearly every day through the end of the month, with an April show to follow (and on and on, conceivably).

We didn't make the top ratings this time around, but there's always next month. Regardless of making the ratings (which are still all askew), most of our films have now been seen by over 100 people each. Intense Math, which has been camped out on the front page for some time now, has surpassed 500 views! That's good exposure, no matter how you cut it.


Jeremy said...

How did you get featured there? Do you know someone from Auqafina?

Joshua Provost said...

Oddly, I only drink Dasani. I hope they don't hold it against me.