Snow Day 2006

Once in a while we do get some snow pretty darn close to this desert city. It happened a couple weeks ago. We headed up to Carefree to check it out. There were people everywhere, lining the streets for miles. Families building snowmen, frat boys building snowwomen, and snowball fights.

We loaded the trunk with snow and made special deliveries to friends and family. Check it out.


Gabe said...

Great pictures!
It's a strange phenomenon - desert people and their reaction to snow. I guess it's because it's so rare. Even people used to tons of snow, get giddy when it falls among the cacti.

Brock said...

Yeah, those are all good pics.

It is kind of an odd reaction. To me it's a big deal cause the last time I saw snow (real snow) was Salt Lake City...to see it in Phoenix is really cool. It's like that picture you found a few years back with the snow on the cacti. It's like seeing a whale hanging out on a cloud or something...