Rendezvous, Part V

Rendezvous screened tonight to a packed house at the IFP/PHX (formerly Phoenix Film Project) Shorts program at the Phoenix Film Festival. It was well received many, understood by some, and took home the award for Best Ensemble. Congrats to Brock, Gabe, Micah, and Angie (and William Jennings, I hope we can find this guy). I don't count (I was a voice for goodness sake).

It was nice to be back at a PFP event, the first major event since the Screen Wars season finale awards. Networking, schmoozing. It was good to meet Paul Santa Cruz, an enthusiastic filmmaker new to narrative films, director of Alone. Rendezvous will be screened again on Sunday morning.

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Brock said...

My only regret is that Micah wasn't there to get the award and then get into character by falling down cold in front of everyone.