Spring Is Here

Looks innocent, doesn't it? They all do.

Last night I took Micah down to Mesa to get started mixing his album. I was tempted to hang out at the studio and observe, but I didn't want to be the interfering record industry guy (yeh, right!). Anyway, I had a few things to do, so I checked in, and headed back out.

I hit the post office and dropped off an eBay sale. Next, I hit Mill Avenue. My destination was Borders Books to find a copy of Philip K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly for Micah. He used to be in a band by that name, but doesn't want to call his current project that. For one, this is a different project. More importantly, there is a film adaptation of the book coming out. It could be good, or it could suck (stars Keanu). Either way, it will seem like a rip-off, and no one will care that he's used the name for years.

That being said, Micah does need a name and need it fast. He's been searching other books for inspiration (such as 1984, from which he got the potential band name "Interpose" and the potential album title "Courage + Cowardice," both of which have since been scrapped), but figured why not go back to the original source? I have been hunting around for the book, been to a number of stores, and no one seems to carry it. The synopsis is a mindmelter, I can't wait to read it myself.

Anyway, I struck out at Borders and headed down Mill to find a bite to eat. A block down I feel something fall on my shoulder. At first I thought it was a leaf from a tree and brushed my shoulder... and got a handful of bird crap! Man, was I pissed! I was surprised how mad it made me to get pooped on. There I am on Mill walking around with crap all over me.

I went back to the parking garage in hopes that there was another piece of clothing in the car, but there wasn't. So, I cleaned it up as much as I could, turned it inside out, and went back up to find a new shirt. I went into Hippie Gypsy, considering a Bob Marley shirt, only to realize I am just not cool enough to pull off the "stoner" look. Over to Urban Outfitters were I debated between a shirt with a disassembled Fender Strat on it (said "Ensemble"), or one with a toddler working some turntables (said "Teach Them Well"). This time I realized that I'm not cool enough to pull off the "hip hop" look, so I opted for the guitar. I ducked into the Valley Art bathroom and changed, tossing the soiled t-shirt.

As if it wasn't bad enough, I didn't even find anything on Mill I wanted to eat, and the used book store across the street from Borders ended up being closed. There was no point in my walking down Mill in the first place, and no need to get crapped on.

Now, I'm told that Mill is like that every Spring. The sidewalks are caked in the crap, it's a real health hazard! Anyway, that's how I learned that Spring is here.



Brock said...

I have A Scanner Darkly. Just ask me for it before the weekend.

Joshua Provost said...

Argh! How rediculous!

Brock said...

And if you're looking for other names from the book, some of my favorites include...

"Substance Death"

"Scramble Suit"


"If I had know it was harmless, I would have killed it myself"

"Assignment: Mandatory"

micah said...

It's late, (or early) I can't sleep and I need something to do. Hmm, those names are great. I' m not sure about for a band name though (great song names). Psilocybe is a really spiff word, however, isn't that a mushroom? Calling the band a scanner darkly or anything to do with it is a hard judgement call for me. Seeing how my brother came up with the name and I haven't read the book. The story seemed like it would be something I'm all about. Unfortunately, I haven't the foggiest what these terms have to do with the book. Whatever band name I choose I would like it to have some kind of meaning to me and/or my brother. It seems that I'm probably the only one who is going to come up with my own name for this so-called "band." However, anything anyone comes up with I certainly appreciate.

The whole reason I liked the word "interpose" was for it's descriptive use in 1984. It is the action the main character uses to shield himself from the rats when O'brien is torturing him with a cage full of them. Not only that, but he protects himself with the person he loves. "Do it to Julia, do it to Julia! Not me, I don't care what you do to her! Rip her face off, not mine!" It is a key moment in the book. It is the first major step in changing him into a government tool. All his ideals, opinions, perceptive powers, and feelings, all of which he feels very strongly of, begin to be flipped upside down. When his worst fear causes him to hate the woman he loves. O'brien describes any person's worst fear as something unbearable or unendureable where courage and cowardice do not apply. If you are falling from a height it is not cowardly to cling to a rope. If you are underwater, it is natural to come up for air. Some people can endure pain until death, but who can stand up against their worst fear.
I really like this word under that context. The simple fact though is, that when I think of interpose, I immediately think of interpole, who are reasonably popular right now. I know that Josh likes the confusion of it coming from a marketing angle, but I, like any one, would hope to find something fairly original. I probably need at least two words to do that.

dictionary words are going slow (nothing too original either):
interposition, coerce, devote, dissent, hateful, onomatopoeic.
trying to find a clever combination.

Hmm... other books I like: one flew over the cuckoo's nest, to kill a mocking bird, singularity, frankenstein, dr jeckyl and mr hide, and why don't i read the book fight club?

This is one long comment. I figured I should break myself into this website with a bang. Also this gives everyone reading this an idea of what i have in mind for a band name. Five or more nogens are better then one. Whoever, hasn't given up on reading all this, I really appreciate you reading all my jibberish. I don't imagine all this to be that interesting. peace, agape, and good night, -Micah

Joshua Provost said...

Micah, hey, just kidding on the "confusion is good" stuff. Having some fun. Also, all the names I throw out are just for fun. I know whatever you use will be something you have to figure out.

That being said, Interpose is a great name, and you can't say it's not original. Just because it sounds like Interpol (no e on the end), doesn't mean it's not original. It's a great thought, and it implies to me some sense of balance, which I think is appropriate to this project, being that there are two main forces, you and your bro, and between the two of you, there is this album that was created. And the name could also lead you to an album name as well, since most people won't know what it means, the album title could be a definition of sorts, such as "To Place Between"

I know you'll figure something out, and it'll be great. Trust you instincts.

Gabe said...

Micah, why not use an inflected form of Interpose, like Interposed or Interposing? Or something from the meaning, like Interference & Intervention.

Or a couple of my favorites:
Blowers' Power
Fros a Flowin'

micah said...

fros aflowing yeah! nice one. great input from both of you. i like your take on how that word relates to my brother and i josh. on the song "counterweights" we both deliberately sang on it opposing song lyrics that interupt each other. It also happens to be the most intricate song on the album. Cool, I think I would really like to keep searching for another word that fits with interpose or it's various forms. interpose is taken from a fairly dark book, i need something brignt now.

Rereading my comment, i didn't mean to sound like i was ripping on your very good suggestions brock. You probably didn't take it that way. Just thought i'd be safe.

this is funny.
notice some similarities:
"If I had known it was harmless, I would have killed it myself."

"If your afraid he's still alive just stab him."
That's classic
Great suggestions guys. micah go sleepy now. I