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The Moon Is No More live at TCAN 11/29/02

TMINM fans, hold on to your heads, we have determined the setlists for the upcoming shows. We painstakingly reviewed our available songs and split them into two groups, older and newer.

At AS220, we'll play most of JLA straight through, with classics like Implode, Room 203, Part I, and Such Things to Such People in the mix.

01/03/05 AS220, Providence, RI

  1. Implode
  2. A Homo Sapien's Mass of Flesh, Bone, and Muscle
  3. Come and Gone
  4. A Good Conscience Is One You Have Yet To Find
  5. Pity Versus Sympathy
  6. Last Resort, Part I
  7. Room 203, Part I
  8. Such Things to Such People
  9. It's The Children That Are Hurt The Most, Part II
At Zeitgeist Gallery, we'll play newer (relatively speaking) material, including songs that might have only been played one or two times before. While the older songs are true classics, I feel the newer songs are more varied, weirder, but overall more precise and well-crafted. In fact, we're even going to play 1 1/2 Bad Larry songs and a song from the never-finished Schoolyard EP (Did we ever figure out if Schoolyard was a band in and of itself, or if it was just an extension of TMINM?).

01/05/05 Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge, MA

  1. An Automobile's Mass of Rubber, Steel, and Plastic
  2. An Ambitious Attempt At Failure Before One's Birth
  3. Pitying Bowls of Saucy Lovelessness
  4. Standard Issue
  5. Heaven Express
  6. $545.78
  7. Popularity
  8. Quality Over Quantity
  9. A Common Path to a Common Problem
  10. The Substance of Nothing
  11. Anti-Global Rotation
That's right, folks, no repeats. A completely different set each night. Twenty different songs we have to nail down. And there are other songs we could have played but omitted to hit our set times.

My kingdom for an acoustic warm-up show.


Jeremy said...

Though I will have other comments later on, my only comment for now is this: I like how in the picture it looks like your sitting on Jon Duncan's head.

Jeremy said...

What's up with the use of old-school naming conventions?

Heaven Express = Allowing Oneself To Neglect Responsibility
Anti-Global Rotation = Sunsets

Get it right!

Jeremy said...

Who else thinks that the second show doesn't start off on the right foot?

An Automobile's Mass of Rubber, Steel, and Plastic is just not catchy enough to start a show with. I definitely think we should play it, just don't open with it.

And it feels like An Ambitious Attempt At Failure Before One's Birth packs too much of an emotional punch to be sung second. That feels more like a set-closer.

Who else thinks this whole thing is an ambitious attempt at failure?

Joshua Provost said...

See, me and TMINM go way back, so I'm stuck on my old ways. I think that the one song should be called Anti-Global Rotation in the TMINM context, and Sunsets in the 12 Brothers context. Now, what could be wrong with that?

Joshua Provost said...

The ZG show is a different animal. It doesn't always take you where you expect to go. It puches you around, toys with your emotions.

At AS220, Implode is an obvious opener, Children 2 an obvious closer, and the rest of the songs make sense, since we made sure they made sense when we sequenced the album that way. It's a somehwat predictable up and down, up and down, quiet then loud, quiet then loud type set.

At ZG, it's more sinister. We lull you to sleep with the first song. Then we take you to great emotional heights. Then we weird you out, spook you out, and trip you out before busting out an acoustic and once again crush you with tragedy. Then three strange pop-rock songs before we bust out two seven-minute (or longer) marathons to end the set.

AS220 is solid, but ZG will be more memorable a ride, I think.

Look at me, I'm reviewing my own show, in advance. Strangeness.

Jeremy said...

If anything, it would be Anti-Global Rotation in the Bad Larry context and Sunsets in the TMINM context. Don't forget, 12 Brothers is not a band, it's just an album.

Anyway, since we're in a TMINM context at these shows it should be called Sunsets.

Jeremy said...

Are you saying that we're doing Five Hundred And Forty-Five Dollars And Seventy-Eight Cents acoustic? Oh, by the way, that's what it should be called.

Brock said...

To one who has only heard the music readily available on the 727 website, and the cd Josh gave me, I think the first set would be more enjoyable. The second set would probably be more memorable however.

Joshua Provost said...

Is 12 Brothers really just another album? And what about Schoolyard? I'm cool with making them part of TMINM. That would actually be interesting, to release these EPs in between albums and spread out the agony that is Sans Hands.

So, Jer, am I going to get my hands on a copy of Sans Hands while I'm out there. My only copy is an unbound pre-production proof that is constantly out on loan. It's a like a public library, I'm tellin' ya!

Brock, I guess you'll have to wait for the DVD to make a final judgement. :)