Winter Vacation - Day One

For a long time, I looked at non-stop flights as a bonus. I guess when I come prepared, it's not so bad. The flight from PHX to PVD is 4:30. I read through all the TMINM artifacts I brought along, ran my laptop until the battery died (15 minutes!?), read the in-flight magazine cover to cover, and I still had two and a half hours left. Argh! I had to go searching just find a magazine that didn't have the crossword puzzle already completed.

Dinner at Big Momma's, hung out with Jeremy and Molly. Busted out the guitar and hopefully surprised Jeremy that I knew all of the songs on the setlist. I think he surprised himself in that he knew most of the lyrics. This is going to work.

It's cold, but no snow on the ground. It's coming soon!

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