Winter Vacation - Day Five

Up this morning and headed back to Dean College to sign the paperwork. No questions asked. I even forgot the check and they said to leave it with Security on Saturday. It couldn't have been easier.

I headed from there to Norwood, MA to check out the Camera Company store. Wow, I haven't seen a place like this in the Phoenix area. All kinds of stuff for still and video photography, lighting rigs, color-correcting gels, tripods, all kinds of filters in all kinds of sizes, and lenses and cameras, of course. I was checking out wide angle lenses, thinking it would come in handy for the Random Kate video, but the ones that had that would fit my camera were only 0.7x wide angle factor. I was looking for at least 0.6x, preferably 0.5x, so I didn't bite. Real nice service, though.

When I got back to BMH, my grandparents were there. Grandma is up to get her hair done. So, we hung out and chatted for a while, and had some Lipton noodle soup for lunch. I expanded on my notes for the Chinese Movie.

Eventually, Jeremy and I cruised around to find wrapping materials for an anniversary gift. We got those and I expertly wrapped it. I'm one bad wrapper, yo! We also got some chocolates for everyone at the Green Mountain Chocolate Factory headquarters. Interesting, because there are no mountains, green or otherwise, in the vicinity.

Dinner with the family, then off to Jeremy's house. We cleaned up the place, and shot the interview portion of the first scene in the Chinese Movie. Molly came home, opened her gift, then we practiced TMINM's AS220 set acoustically. On second thought, Jeremy may need some help in remembering the lyrics to these songs. Even the first word of each verse might be enough to jog his memory. From now on, we're practicing with the lyric sheets handy.

We sped off from there to meet up with the Random Kate guys in Bridgewater. We met them at the Blue Star chinese restaurant, and headed over to Ben and Brittney's apartment. I got my first taste of the new album. It's phenomenal, they really took things to the next level. Lots of great surprises. I couldn't be more pleased. We knocked out the album design and got their ideas for the video. We may need that wide angle lens after all, but all in all everything is working out.

We headed home, it's very late, and we've got lot's to do tomorrow, including 75% of the Chinese Movie shooting, and picking up Micah and JAG.


Brock said...

Sounds like today was another busy day.

First of all, I really gotta say how cool it is that Dean College has treated you so well. I mean, that's just hands down awesome. Here's to hoping the shoot goes just as well (and I'm sure it will).

Have you gotten the chance to play back any of the Chinese movie yet? I know you're probably very busy, but you've probably also wanted to take a look at what you've gotten so far. It sounds like you'll have a lot of editing to do, considering how much footage you've already shot. That's just like an authentic documentary though.

Joshua Provost said...

Brock, I played some back, but I don't have a cable to capture and post anything from here. Looks good, though. We're focusing on nice visuals and composition. So, if nothing else, it'll look good. First scene is in Jeremy's house, and we did it up really nice. He's got a very cool looking living room.

I'm getting ready now to head out and shoot most of the rest of the movie.