Winter Vacation - Day Two

The plan: Wake, head to Natick to catch the Assembly at lunch break and see old friends, back to Franklin in time to see the Patriots vs. Jets at 4pm.

The reality: We were awaken by the phone when Jeremy called at lunch break to see where we were. Check outside and the snow is here! I was so excited, I grabbed the camera and headed out to get some shots around the house, without the benefit of gloves, a coat. No accessories to speak of, really. After about fifteen minutes, Angie is yelling at me to get ready to go. OK, new plan.

We headed out. The roads were starting to get bad. Stopped at La Cantina for a mid-afternoon lunch. Chicken Parmigiana, as always. Off to the Assembly as it was ending. Saw all kinds of people I haven't seen for years. Lauren Buckman, Jon Clark, Jay Duval, Brian Perkins, Doug Capen, Rob Wells, Paul Gavin, and all their families, plus my family and the extended Praetsch family.

After that we headed to Wellesley to check in with Eric Liversage AKA Skippy, the other half of Cleary. We got his number from Jeremy, and caught up with him at CVS, where he's a Shift Supervisor. He was quite inked up and punked out, maybe even more than I expected. He's headed out to New York for a few days, but will be back in time for the shows. Can you say "surprise special guest appearance?"

By now the Pats game is starting, so it's back on the road, for what is normally a twenty minute drive back to Franklin. Except it's been snowing all day now, and the roads are getting really bad. It's twenty miles per hour, max, and the freeway is reduced to one big lane, for safety's sake. Even at that, we had to pull off twice to get ice off the wipers. Couldn't see a thing. Two hours later, we're back at Big Momma's House (BMH) to catch the last couple minutes of the game (it's OK, the games are on pristine FM radio out here), but we headed back out across town to Jeremy and Molly's place.

Jeremy and Molly has just done a 180 degree spin in traffic on the main road in Franklin, scratched their plans, and headed to the comfort of home. We watched bits of Nappy D. and JP3, played some indoor basketball and football, went back out for corn dogs and San Pelligrino Aranciata (what a combo!), and back to BMH. By now the snow is so thick we couldn't get up the driveway, and had to get out and shovel just to make it to garage.

Off to the computer to type it all up, click Publish Post, and...


Brock said...

I'm reading these with deep interest. Were the shots you took around the house for the documentary?

Joshua Provost said...

The shots will probably show up in the Chinese Movie.

You'd love the snow, everything looks good in the snow. Rock walls, mailboxes, path lights, firewood piles, naked trees. New England is beautiful most of the time, anyway.

Good timing on the snow, though. We'll shoot some of the Chinese Movie over the next few days, and it's just as I envisioned. It'll be snowing all night and into tomorrow, and again on Wednesday. Woohoo!

Brock said...

Excellent. It sounds like things turned out exactly as you could have hoped. Also, it's nice that the weather is working with you on this one.

Gabe said...

Sounds lovely.