Winter Vacation

I've gotten by most of the year without dipping into vacation days, and these last few months have been a time to splurge. Bridge School, Florida, and now Boston for two weeks. I do need the decompression time, there is no doubt about that. The trip will be busy, but it's all in good fun.
Brock, it would have been awesome if you could have come. Beyond being able to check out Boston and the surroundings, your input in terms of creativity and professionalism in the projects is going to be sorely missed. I'm going to really hustle to get all of this stuff done, as a tribute to you!

Here's what's on the lineup:


I booked two shows for The Moon Is No More. The venues are pretty cool, comparable to Modified and The Paper Heart. On January 3rd we're at AS220 in Providence playing with Quiet Life and Shumai. On January 5th we're at Zeitgeist Gallery in Cambridge, with Ship High In Transit opening for us. Jeremy has called a stop to booking any further shows, but there is always a chance Meldiva or Cafe Espresso will return my emails and we'll play an acoustic warm-up show.

Now, as you know, TMINM is basically a bi-costal recording project at this point. Getting a band together and practiced will be the biggest challenge. Jeremy has to warm up those pipes, and I've got to remember all these songs. Hopefully, Carl will have time to practice to join in on bass. We do have Micah on board to play drums (Vin is on lockdown, ya heard?!), but we'll have to get him and his gear off the Cape, and set up in Jer's house to practice.
It sounds like quite an undertaking, but I have supreme confidence in all of the band members abilities to pull it out. These aren't terribly complex songs, and these are some talented people. I mean that sincerely. I'm not sure if Jeremy's hesitancy to book shows and perform is a sign of a lack of self-confidence, but I know the guy who wrote these 39 songs in a matter of days can come through with other miracles.

Other issues involve getting the proper instruments together. Will I have to bring everything out with me? Can we round up gear from friends? Will Jer's downstairs neighbors be bothered by the practicing? Can we find a violin for a breathtaking live performance of Standard Issue?

The two shows will work well. We have about 40-45 minutes set time at each show. I'm going to check out the bands playing at AS220 and try to come up with something appropriate. That may mean leaving the weirder material for the Zeitgeist show. An acoustic show would have been very cool for some of the songs. The ideal situation would be to play all of the finished material over the course of three shows. An album a show, even.

TMINM Documentary

Understanding all of the challenges above, and the general insanity of trying to pull this off while on vacation, and promoting a band that barely exists in reality, I really want to document as best as possible this whole endeavor. Brock would have done an excellent job with this, getting inside people's heads and finding the right story angles. It'll be tough for me, as an insider, to capture the drama, but I'll do my best. Gabe is providing the B-camera (thanks, Gabe!) for close-ups during performances and anything else Angie can dig up.

TMINM Music Video
If we can come up with a good concept and find the time, it would be great to do a music video or two, so we have something to put on the forthcoming release. This is a lower priority project.

Random Kate Music Video

Random Kate is mixing their album on Wednesday, and we'll be shooting a video for the song "High School Sucked (Locker Blues)," a high energy super-fast punk song with a Beasties Boys-esque rap breakdown at the end. The location will likely be the Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School, if we can secure it. They're putting out a call to their fans to show up for the video. Hopefully, there won't be any damage. I'm envisioning classroom, cafeteria, and hallway hijinx, with the classroom being turned into a mosh pit by the end of the song. I see the drum kit up ont he teachers desk, and the band members up on desks, wired up to amps on other desks.

Also, I'm putting together some timing effects for the hallway. Picture a shot down the hallway, lockers to each side. We'll have song at 50%, Gabe walking directly at the camera, lip synching. The extras will be milling about at full speed. On playback, we'll double the speed so it matches the vocals, and everyone is moving at the speed of light, all the sudden. Reverse that with Gabe moving normal and everyone else at half speed. We'll see what we can do. I've got Jeremy on board as a co-Director, and he always has soe interesting angles.

Chinese Movie
Then there is the movie I'd like to make about Jeremy, as an grand visionary Director trying to make a film in Chinese with English-speaking actors, or some such nonsense. The possibilities are endless. Translating the script (based on Sans Hands?) by hand to Chinese, casting, scouting locations, getting a crew together, talking to the local movie theater manager about screening, all that good stuff. And the whole movie is really a tribute to Wong Kar-Wai, with subtle homages throughout. Got to brainstorm some more on this one.

Everything Else
Have I left anything out? Rebecca Kinkead has an exhibition opening while we are there. We'll be sure to check that out. There's brunch on New Year's Day, jamming with the Debue crew, time on the Cape with grandma and grandpa, hunting down the "man-child" Skippy, and maybe a Random Kate show. I'm starting to think the 20 blank tapes I bought won't be enough!


Brock said...


I wish I could have come along as well. But, I think you’ll get along just fine without me. These are some great projects to have lined up, and I know that you’ve been planning this for a very long time. It would have been cool to have seen the filming of the Random Kate music video, but I’m sure you’ll have plenty of great “tales from the set” to unfold when you get back. Good choice of Jeremy as a co-director. He’ll bring a very “Kubrick” feel to your shots.
I also wish I could be there documenting the reunion shows for The Moon Is No More, but I’m sure you’ll do a fine job. You may be an insider, but that could give the documentary a unique flavor. Oftentimes, it’s the insiders who have the most glaring look to give a band or project. As for the shows themselves, well, that will be a blast. I really like those “Moon Is No More” flyers that you cooked up. Did you make those yourself? Nice reference to “the hands”.

It sounds like it will be a good trip. Have fun and enjoy yourself (I’ll probably see you or talk to you before you head off, but I thought I’d say ‘cheerio’ here on the blog).


"Auntie" Lori said...

Isn't there a female in your past who plays the violin or was it the viola? Doesn't she now reside in FL?

Joshua Provost said...

Yeh, I made the fliers Saturday night. I just sent posters and fliers out to the venues, and to Carl, who'll hopefully do some street promotion. Those images are among a group of antique medical images we rounded up when crafting a very early design for the Jeffrey L. Allen cover art, back in 2001. We later switched to Rebecca Kinkead art piece called "The Wait." A number of paintings in "The Wait" series are up on the artists web site.

Do I have a girl in my past that plays the violin? Good question. You seem to know the answer, but I am drawing a blank. I know some girls, but I wouldn't necessarily label them with "girl from my past" status. Molly Ann Pereira, for instance, played violin. Angie played cello at one point.

Actually, Jeremy plays a means haunting violin on this song. He proved on a number of occassions the ability to play the same part spot on during old TMINM jam sessions. Just have to dig one up.

Brock said...

If you guys ever make t-shirts for the band, you could use those textbook diagrams as shirt images. That'd make a cool "TMINM" poster too.

Joshua Provost said...

Dude, haven't you seen our shirts?! Check out the 727 online store. No need to rush to buy one, we'll hook you up. TMINM shirts rock!

Brock said...

Ahhh, cool shirt indeed! Sorry, I had no idea you already had great shirts out there (I need to look at the store more often!)

Jeremy said...

I have to admit, my violin playing is certainly mean and definitely haunting. That's about all you can say for it.

Those are some pretty cool flyers. Do I get a copy of them at least, or do I have to hunt down Carl to get a copy?

I still haven't seen a script for that Chinese movie so I have to doubt that it'll happen.

What's the date for the RK shoot?

Joshua Provost said...

I'll bring some fliers so we can do street promotion. Hopefully, Carl will get the fliers in time so you can get them out at work, too. We should flier the cars outside the meeting!

In true WKW style, you won't ever see the script. It is fully visualized and I have a number of tasty scenes to put you in and let you run.

RK video still up in the air until I nail down the location. Having trouble getting people at the school district to return my calls. You'd think it would be easier to rent a public building.

Jeremy said...

You never told me that we are paying to rent the Zeitgeist gallery. And here I thought they were letting us play there out of the goodness of their hearts.

Gabe said...

No problem on the camera! I've charged up the oversized battery and it's ready to go. Need a case? I just bought a hard case, foam insulated, from a garage sale a few weeks ago. Brand new, never used, $3! I'll bring everything to meeting tonight.

Joshua Provost said...

Gabe, thanks so much! I'll take whatever you have.

A lot of the details are starting to fall into place for all of this. The shows are confirmed and promoted, with setlists almost confirmed. The location for the RK video is in the process of being confirmed. The Chinese film was ust discussed at length by Jeremy and I and he seems to be on board now.

Got to call Micah and make sure everything will work for him.

Joshua Provost said...

Called Micah and he's in from Thursday to Thursday. Woohoo!

tk said...

sounds like fun! i can't wait to see/hear the tapes from your shows. too bad i won't be there in person! i have to assert that the tee-shirts are great. I have one, and it is very comfortable, and stylish. you guys will have to perform in phoenix so that all the tee-shirt admirers can see this band that produces such nice shirts.

Brock said...

only if there are shirts at the show.

Joshua Provost said...

Apparently, it's all about the shirts. The music is almost secondary.

Tickets are $300 round trip non-stop from Phoenix to Providence. It's not too late.

Jeremy said...

It's great to hear that Micah is confirmed. That was one of my concerns.

I think I finally understand the Chinese film but I still think it's a big stretch given the amount of time that we're going to need to spend practicing. Especially considering how many different songs you want to play. Maybe it's time to post the setlist for these peeps.

tk, thanks for the compliment on the shirts. An interesting fact that you may not know, The Moon Is No More is more than just a shirt manufacturer. We also play annoying music for all who will listen. You should check it out sometime.

Jeremy said...

Oh, and will there be shirts at the show?

Joshua Provost said...

Jer, the Chinese film will largely be shot Monday through Wednesday of the first week, before we even have Micah around to practice. We can do most of the exteriors in that time, and any interiors that require Carl and other people we can fill in later.

You are right, it is cutting it close, but as long as I can nail down an outline and a shot sheet, we should be able to do it.

I'm bringing out the shirts, oh yeh!

Jeremy said...

Any chance of some new shirts in time for the show? Maybe with the design of the flyers?

Joshua Provost said...

I'd say the chances are pretty slim. I think most screen shops will probably be shut down for the duration of my trip.

Jeremy said...

Connolly's Too?

Jeremy said...

I mean, you have to have a tour t-shirt.

Joshua Provost said...

C2 is a joke.

Maybe if we had an acoustic warm-up show, for three shows total, I'd feel comfortable investing in a tour shirt, but as it is...