Review This!

I stumbled onto a new site today, Review You.

Are you desperately trying to promote your music and can't get the major zines to write a review? Review You appreciates your desperation! For "less than the cost of an average CD ($19.99, where do these guys shop, Virgin Megastore (I could obviously throw a link here, but I just can't support that)?)" they will guarantee a review by "professionals in the music industry" within two weeks, posted to their web site.

Man, what a scam! These guys are nothing special on the writing front. We're talking unoriginal gramatically faulty three-paragraph reviews here. Just another in the long line of people looking to take money from musical artists.


Brock said...

Heck, I'll write reviews for free...it's not any better, but it's free!

Joshua Provost said...

Brock, for one, it is better. You do a heck of a job! It wouldn't be very hard at all to start your own zine. It doesn't take much, and you will be inundated with music to review. Every zine that starts up realizes very quickly how easy it is to get flooded.