So It Took This Long

I just got a call from Ben Racicot, insane drummer for Random Kate. I got the news I've been waiting two years for: Random Kate's debut album "So It Comes To This" is finished, as of 6:30 EST.

It has been an immeasurable strugle to get this album done. Personal problems, marriages, equipment failure, illness, missing guest performers, voicemail and emails to the studio not returned, budget overruns, you name it, it happened to this album.

"So It Comes To This" is a punk rock album about school, girls, boredom with small town life, being an outsider, and other concerns. Typical? Hardly. I signed these guys because of their dedication to quality songwriting. These aren't your typical two-minute youthful punk songs.

Random Kate bring an array of styles to the table, referencing punk, ska, rock, hip-hop (Beastie Boys, not Jigga), and, more recently, a slice of emo, a little drama to mix it up. They write songs with a variety of parts and solid musicianship. They move a crowd like you wouldn't believe. That is why I'm proud to have them on 727 Records!

Even though I knew it had to get done, so we could shoot the video next week, I'm still surprised that it's finally over, based on all that has happened. From here we shoot a video, send it off for mastering, finish the design we started two years ago, and get it out there. I can't wait!


Brock said...

A burden right off your shoulders. Looks like the trip will be even more enjoyable now, eh?

Joshua Provost said...

I just knew it wasn't ever going to get finished. Nice to be pleasantly surprised.

Ben described some things they did in recording and mixing the songs, and the band is definitely moving into some fresh territory.

Jeremy said...

When do I get to listen to this "knew" album? Wink, wink!