12 Brothers - The Music: Balance

In honor of Star Wars, I bring you this demo in the hopes of bringing Balance to the Force. Please be kind in listening to this song. I was not warmed up, and there are some screamier parts, and some softer high parts in the song, which I didn't exactly nail. It's an emotional song, and that's what counts. Future versions can only get better.


Brock said...

That's pretty great. My favorite song of the entire set by far.

Joshua Provost said...

Thanks, Brock. It's sort of a different sound for the songs I (and we) have written thus far.

Jeremy said...

Interesting. I think I need to give it a few listens to get comfortable with it. There may need to be some lyrical changes to match the music. Some lines just seem clumsy (just because they aren't well written).

So what are the next steps? When do you go to the studio? What needs to be done before that time? Which songs are done? Which still need lyrical revisions? Give me some direction here.

Joshua Provost said...

Jer, actually, I was going to ask you all the same questions.

As for this song, I think most of the lyrics work as they are, but I just need to fit them in a little better. I need to know which lines to do in which style.

Did you notice my own changed lines on the last verse? "i put forth a test/which you passed with flying colors/and now i know for sure/that we can be/we can be brothers"

Other lyrical changes that need to be made. Sunsets needs some lyrical focus. Go check the comments, I had a number of suggestions, most of which involve making it shorter. Investment needed a fourth verse, if I recall.

All music is done as far as I am concerned, unless you want something changed.