Arizona Citizen, Part II

As you may know, there was no audio recorded on the footage for Brock H. Brown's Arizona Citizen. The reason for this is unknown, but as Editor, I remain undaunted. Today, the missing dialog was recorded. Brock and Gabe did an excellent job lip synching to the footage. C'mon, this is how all hollywood movies are made, no?

Now that there is dialog to work with, I'm sure this film will be done in no time.

Note: Brock's starting to act strange. I've always suspected he is quite the enigmatic director. However, today he wouldn't stop talking about eggrolls. I'm going to have to keep a close eye on him.

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Brock said...

Wow! That screencap looks amazing. I just love that effect. It's like a living, breathing painting or some kind of aged photograph. It just stands out really nicely. Good color correction.

The thing about eggrolls is that...I dunno, they just reek of summer for me at the moment.