Winter's Day, Part IV

Vote, or the girl dies!

Winter's Day aired yesterday, on the first episode of Screen Wars: Action. There's still time to vote, if you haven't already.

We are up against Number One by Angel Ruiz and The Quest: Search For Master Po by James Riley. Both films are solid competition. Number One had a great look, lighting, camera angles, and subtle effects. The Quest was very funny, with a great look, and well-coreographed action sequences. If we lose to either one, it would be no surprise. Good work all around.

Technical note: The film was displayed in the wrong aspect ratio (16:9 instead of the intended 2.35:1), and it was unusually contrasty, creating dark shadows on the faces while outside the house, removing all details. Not good, I'm going to have to bring this up, if we win.


Brock said...

Dear tech,

Thanks for screwing up the aspect ratio!



Ok, seriously,

I wish I understood their process a little better. That way, if we knew how they were putting the shows together and getting the movies on TV, we'd probably be able to help a little bit by making movies that fit into their style and format a little smoother.

Jeremy said...

Man, it looks unbelievably bad with that messed up aspect ratio. No wonder you're going to lose.

Brock said...

Dear Jeremy,

Stop killing my joy with your inescapable truth.

Yours Truly,


Jeremy said...

Is that how it actually aired on TV, looking that same way? You should make them fix it and re-air it. That's the kind of thing that could ruin a young filmmaker's reputation.

Joshua Provost said...


Well, their streaming video always looks unbelivably bad. The actual broadcast was good quality, if a little dark, just stretched out a little. Lots of skinny people.

First, let's win this thing. I trust you got your Fidelity peeps to do the right thing.