The Visitor, Part II

And the winner is... the sharp, high contrast look with rich greens and blues. Thanks for your votes!

Futher, The Visitor is now complete. It looks good, and the edit went smoothly (the color correction was a bear, thanks to constantly changing cloud cover). I'm real happy with the film, and it went very much according to plan. It is now exactly as I had envisioned: a strange and touching family film. Still, it's not as exciting to me as some of the other projects on my plate, that push the envelope a bit more, but it was fun to make, and a testament to our improving abilities to make films, and bring them to being the way we envision them.

I hope you get a kick out of it, and that it makes it to the Western stage of Screen Wars.


Brock said...

Now I want to make a movie where an Alien comes into a print shop and asks for the fax machine.

Jeremy said...

I would love to comment on this movie but I can't get it to download more than 23.6 MB.

That tune you've got playing there may be a little too funky for my tastes.