And I'm not talking hi-def.

I'm talking about the new
Hoop Dreams DVD that just got released by the ultimate DVD company, Criterion. No one makes a better DVD. They have the best quality transfers, the best special features, and, most importantly, the best selection of films to choose from. They only go for the important ones. In fact, just typing this up makes me realize that it's time to re-live the In The Mood For Love 2-disc Criterion DVD.

It has been quite some time since I've seen Hoop Dreams. I still remember that night, though. Me, Joshua, A&B. We even got pulled over by the cops that night. For nothing.

Hoop Dreams is undoubtedly one of the best documentaries of my generation. I haven't picked it up yet, but I'm adding it to my Amazon Wish List. Anyone who wants to make a poor boy happy can snap to it.


Gabe said...

I was going to mention this to Josh a while back and forgot. I only saw it for the first time last year and enjoyed it very much.

Joshua Provost said...

Ah, Hoop Dreams. I have rented it once or twice over the years, and I just watched it with Angie on Sundance Channel recently.

That was a golden age of basketball for us. Going to lots of Celtics games, collecting cards, Hoop Dreams, fighting over cards, Blue Chips, being in Celtic Pride, Larry Bird: A Day In The Life, playing at Coolidge every day.

Hoop Dreams was well done, interesting, and very sad. I have certainly seen many better documentaries, and I wasn't as impressed when I saw it more recently. I think at this point I like it more for the class struggle than for the basketball angle. Honestly, I wouldn't think this is Criterion quality material.

I saw a doc yesterday on Sundance called Butterfly about a woman who lived 270 feet up in a redwood tree for two years to protest logging. I am always impressed at the forethought of the documentarians in choosing their subjects and getting in so early in the process. Good things happen and they take time, and it you don't know how it will end up.

I'd like to do a documentary some day.

Brock said...

It's funny you mention that Josh...Evan of Sofa Wars fame has a "documentary" to pitch to you.

Joshua Provost said...

Bring it on!