Arizona Citizen, Part I

I have to start off by saying what a pleasure it was to participate in Brock H. Brown's latest film, Arizona Citizen, first as cinematographer and camera operator, and now as editor. It is a wonderful thing that Brock has entrusted me to handle these important duties on what may be the finest film of his brief, but bright, career.

On set, it was a wonder to observe as he simultaneously acted, directed the other actors, and clearly articulated his cinematic vision for me to capture. It was multitasking at its finest and art at its purest, all the the same time.

To get things started, I offer these intense stills. Enjoy.


RGL said...

You know, you people make me feel like a lazy bum. Always with this project, or that project. Could you perhaps stop working so hard, for the sake of the rest of us?

That said, back to napping!

RGL said...

Oh, and the film looks great, by the way. I particularly enjoy the shot of Brock looking like I do when I try to put the budget for my movie together.

Brock said...

These are all just little blinks though. One here...one there. We have made a lot over the last few months, but I don't think that pace will continue. The only film I can think of that we have left on our plate is The Italian Film. Of course, we need to telecine and edit The Subject and finish editing the Westerns...but that's probably it for a little while.

A nap sounds good right about now.

P.S. That was my Substitution for that scene, my "motivation"...Ray working the budget.

P.P.S. Thanks for the compliments!

Joshua Provost said...

RGL, it's time you got a blog. I'd be interested to hear about what you're working on.

Gabe said...

Holy crap, you can fly a ship into my mouth!

Joshua Provost said...

Don't think I grabbed that frame by accident. I looked long and hard for as full an aperture as possible.

Brock said...

Not only is Gabe's mouth huge in his frame...but in mine I look pasty and washed out as heck. Is that filtered? Or am I really that draining?

Joshua Provost said...

It is filtered, heavily. However, also remember that with the natural light, your side of the room will be front lit, while Gabe is back lit and in shadow.

You are to some extent pasty, as am I. No running from that, unfortunately.