Winter's Day, Part III

I did my interview for Screen Wars: Action last night.

The shoot was out at Canyon Raceway, the (self-proclaimed, I'm sure) "diamond in the desert," located around 99th Ave & Carefree Highway, but much further off the beaten path than that might imply. For one thing, the Carefree Highway takes a big swing to the North up to Lake Pleasant, and this is down Lake Pleasant Road and off a couple miles down an unmarked dirt road. If it wasn't for the lights at the track, which we took a chance and followed, we certainly would not have found the place by means of signage or directions.

It was a crazy atmosphere, with cars roaring around the track, just feet from where we were shooting. Then the cars would come off the track and almost run us over while manueving through "pit row," which was just a dirt lane next to where the cars parked. I was forseeing major audio problems. We'll have to wait and see how it turned out.

The interview was good, certainly better than the last go round. Not only was I more comfortable, but they prepped me better, and Amanda did the interview. It was much more freeform and fun. I even did a "drop," one of those "Hi, I'm Josh Provost, Director of Winter's Day, and you're watching Screen Wars on AZ-TV" things.

So, that's it, Winter's Day will air Saturday, May 14th. Here we go again!


Gabe said...

Ah, we have a date this time! Sweetness. Looking forward to seeing your interview.

Jeremy said...

So you guys are among the finalist again? Are there only ever 9 people that enter this contest?

Joshua Provost said...

No, we're just that good. If we play our cards right, we'll have three films in the Western challenge.

Jeremy said...

Can one team submit multiple entries?

Joshua Provost said...

I asked and you can submit one film per filmmaker, not per "team." Which works out great since I made a film, Gabe made a film, and Tim Nm, er, I mean Brock, made a film.

Work with me on this one.