Florida: Retire From Life

Two words:

Woo. Hoo.

I will be taking a trip to Florida on the company's (Fidelity, not 727 Records) dime. I could not be more excited. I will be in Orlando from October 2-6, attending the Altiris ManageFusion conference.

The hotel is the Royal Pacific Resort, which looks extremely nice. Much better than I would have done on my own. I believe the Royal Pacific is located right by Universal Studios, and as a hotel guest I'm allowed to skip all lines by showing my room key (or something like that). Should be fun.

The next step is to see if we can budget enough money to let Molly come along. It would be a much needed vacation for her. Would anyone like to contribute to the Have a Heart: Molly Vacation Fund? I accept checks, money orders, cash, coin, foreign currency, etc., etc., and so on.

Feel free to make recommendations on things to do at night or people that I should visit while I'm there. I already have Vic Chesnutt's suggestion but I'm looking for something a little more upbeat.


Joshua Provost said...

Florida is not a great place. It is an insipid, fettid, rotting place. Molly should stear clear.

Joshua Provost said...
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EggNogg said...

How long have you been married and your still asking the question: What should we do at night?