Tonight, I Run

I run five K's tonight. That's 3.1 miles for those unable to do the conversion in their head.

It is the Fidelity-Marlborough Campus Road Race. True to its name it will be run on the campus of
Fidelity, featuring only Fidelity employees. Not exactly the Kenyans in the Boston Marathon, but should be entertaining nonetheless.

Now before you starting coming to sudden conclusions, don't think that I am having any small illusions or big delusions. I know that there is no way that I will be in the top finishers for my age group. It isn't about winning; its about health.

I decided that this would be a good way to motivate me to get active again. A little word of wisdom: before you can decide to reach for something you must first figure out what you are trying to reach for. My goal is become a runnin' fool. There is
a 14K in up state New York next month. Then there is a 15K around the same area next year (hint: check 2004 results for Praetsch). You have to start somewhere and somewhere for me is a pathetic 3.1 miles.

I began my quest this past weekend by going to the
Wrentham Village Outlets. It didn't take long to find what I needed: a pair of Nike running shoes from Factory Brand Shoes, priced at $49.99. Silver, white, and black, and extremely comfortable/supportive.

My wife and I happened to be staying at her parents' house this past weekend and it just so happens that they have the perfect neighborhood for running. Its one of those
fancy development communities filled with million dollar houses. Completely secluded from main streets and soulless after 11:00 p.m. On my 2.5 mile run I saw one car (let's face it, nobody wants to be seen running like a fool down the road. Its just not pretty).

Last night my wife and I took another run. This time my mission was to return
Starsky & Hutch to the local Hollywood Video. Distance: 2.8 miles. However, I did several loops around parking lots to increase my total distance to the full 3.1 miles. Watching my flailing arms breeze down the crowded sidewalk was reminiscent of both Forrest Gump and The Man Who Runs (don't ask).

With the practice this weekend, slight as it was, I am comfortable in my ability to hold out for the full 3.1 miles tonight. Its the speed that I'm worried about. I probably will not be able to keep pace with the competition.

Speaking of the competition, I wonder if Fidelity has any offices in Kenya?


Gabe said...

Whoa, too many connections in this post! First, a lot of my wife's relatives live in and around Utica. Nice area. Second, I must return Starsky & Hutch tonight to...Hollywood Video.
If anything ever happens to the Nike shoes, Saucony (www.saucony.com) makes excellent running shoes.
Good running to you!

"Auntie" Lori said...

i give you 3 kilometers before you throw up. by the way, i've noticed that TK has jumped back into the fray. Carl, however, still seems to have sticky notes stuck to all his fingers so he can't seem to strike the keyboard and get his blog up. Hmmm, that came out a little odd, but I'm gonna let it go. tee hee...

Jeremy said...

Gabe, does your wife know the Seavys (I think that's how its spelled)? If you have the film tastes that I think you do then I won't even ask you what you thought of S&H.

Joshua Provost said...

"Get active again"? You're getting fat, aren't you? Be honest, there's more Jeremy to love every day.

Gabe said...

She doesn't know the Seavy's, but her parents might.

Yes, my movie tastes lean towards the bold and unconventional, but I gotta have my cheesecake. And when I do, I can only compare cheesecake to cheesecake.

I am a fan of Ben Stiller and friends. A couple of my favorite comedies are Cable Guy (directed by Ben Stiller) and Meet the Parents. I expected S&H to be funnier than it was, but it still had some good moments.

Jeremy said...

I know what you're saying. I really enjoyed Meet the Parents and other movies in that vein. However, even the Cheesecake Factory sometimes serves you a rotten slice. Sometimes you just have to send it back.