Return To The Village

I took Joe and Bonnie to see The Village last night, so I got a second viewing. The film definitely held up the second time around.

Not as many thrills, as could be expected, though I tried to let myself go, and I did jump out of my seat a few times. This time, without feeling overwhelmed trying to figure everything out, the story made a lot more sense, and I got to really appreciate some of the beautiful visuals, the solid characters, and the strory lines. I really felt it emotionally even moreso on this viewing.

A lot of the conversations, especially between the elders, made a lot more sense this time. It was interesting to see how the conversations made sense the first time in one sense when you think the elders believe the monsters are real, and how they work in a different sense the second time, when you realize they are trying to reason out how these things are happening when they are not causing them directly.

For instance, the scene after the wedding reception when the livestock is skinned. Mr Walker and Ms. Hunt are by the barn and she says: "The animals are skinned, there are marks on the doors, and they are too high to be coyotes." Basically, they were realizing that their coyote cover story wasn't going to cut it this time around, and their shock over who could be doing this since it wasn't planned by the elders. There are a lot of scenes like this, that work both ways. It's cool to see how much thought goes into putting this together.

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Jeremy said...

It boggles my mind that I haven't been able to see this a second time yet. I almost saw it the very next night and here I am, weeks later, still with a thirst to quench.

Maybe when it makes its way over to the Zeotrope I'll be able to do a Two-for-Tuesday. At some point in time I should really construct a post about the Zeotrope, why it fails, and what could be done to resurrect it to past glory.