The Next Big Thing

New film idea... Asian elephants, African elephants, all kinds of elephants... in beautiful and sweeping locales around the world... a symphony orchestra provides the soundtrack... I call it... Cinematic Elephants!


Jeremy said...

I have to say, that is quite possibly the worst idea that you have ever conceived. Good work!

On a side note, I realized what the subject matter of my Chinese film was intended to be: Sans Hands. I can't be 100% sure, but I have a strong suspicion. It makes sense because Sans Hands is so limited in dialogue and so much information would have to be conveyed through voice overs. But you really can't have all of these different characters spouting the cheesy lines in English. It just doesn't work. Thus, the Chinese.

Joshua Provost said...

You wouldn't understand the true meaning of Cinematic Elephants. I have inside jokes with other people, too. Sometimes I joke with myself.

Well, it all comes full circle. You can't make a movie on a rough draft, though. You'd have to finish it... by August 31!