Wong Kar-Box

Kino is realeasing a box set of five early Wong Kar-Wai films on October 19, 2004. Extra features, the Buenos Aires Zero Degrees documentary, new anamorphic transfers, what more could you ask for?

But what about Ashes of Time?


Brock said...

Have you and Jeremy seen those five early films?

Jeremy said...

I wish that I had never seen Happy Together. And that will leave this box set on the shelf for me. Put I'll have to pick up As Tears Go By. Fallen Angels, while spectacular, may also have to be a pass.

Joshua Provost said...

I have seen all but As Tears Go By. I did purchase this once, from Taiwan, but the DVD case arrived empty. Nice.

Jeremy has absolutely lost his mind. He is disavowing Wong Kar-Wai. It's sad.

Jeremy said...

I'm not talking about artistic integrity. I'm purely talking about questionable content.