In The Interim

Since it seems that Joshua will be delaying our discussion of The Village, I felt that I needed to fill this space with something. I struggled to find anything meaningful to share, so I decided to tackle an issue that has arisen of late.

Why do I always refer to Josh as Joshua?

This is a disturbing trend that I have noticed lately. In fact, I dare say that may be the last time you ever hear me utter the word "Josh" (except for the fact that I didn't utter it and you didn't hear it).

From the time that I wrote my first post, entitled Why Try Avoidance?, I felt this desire. I concluded that post with the following veiled threat:

And, Joshua, you hijacked my Courier font. I want it back.

I can remember typing that sentence. There was no true reason for calling him Joshua, but I could feel something nagging at me to write it that way. It was in the pit of my stomach and it controlled my fingers. I needed to type that U and that A.

After I had used the long version of his name in my first post I felt that I needed to keep a consistency about my use of his name. It had to become almost my calling card. It feels like it disconnects the blog Joshua from the real world Josh.

I would like to set the record straight. In real life, I do not call my brother Joshua.


EggNogg said...

I have noticed the use of “Joshua” instead of “Josh”; however in knowing you I have noticed that when you do say his name “Josh”, you put a particular desirable pronunciation of the name into your voice when you say it.

I think about these things and I have to equate it with the fact that when I write I use “do not” instead of “don’t”, but when I speak I use “don’t” instead of “do not”.

Now here is the real question:

When you put on your pants do you zip then fasten, or do you fasten then zip?

Brock said...

Here's what I found interesting: "It feels like it disconnects the blog Joshua from the real world Josh."

By referring to him as "Joshua" instead of Josh, he becomes a "character" of the blog. The very idea that a blog could have characters, like the cast of a movie, and that these characters would in some way be variably different then the writers behind them is striking. It's like having a stage persona, except for a blog.

Jeremy said...

Fasten... zip... if I remember.

Jeremy said...

Wow! In two paragraphs Brock eloquently made exactly the point that I believe I was trying to impress. Well done!

Brock said...

I was inspired by your very point good sir.