I bought a 200GB Seagate hard drive last weekend. Hooked it up an could see only a fraction of the drive. Two tenuous BIOS updates (and one I nearly performed, but didn't, that would have been wrong and blown up my system) later, one registry hack, and I can see the full drive. It's nice having a drive with 180GB free space on it. I feel free.

Now I didn't want to take everything apart to get this drive in the cage, so I kind of crammed it in there, bending my ATI AIW video card out of the way in the process. Boom, off pops a capacitor. I checked the drive, it wasn't from that, so I pulled out the video card, and sure enough, that where it was from. I tried soldering it back on, and, when that didn't work, I popped the card back in and booted up. It works! I won't press my luck and enable any advanced acceleration. Let's just leave that part of of the card be.

Warning: Do not buy a used ATI AIW card from me, even if I am very persuassive.


EggNogg said...

Nice job you Fruitbagg!

^ Look the EggNogg doube g trade mark

Joshua Provost said...