UTEP 2-Step

Don't forget to check out The Study of Leonard Hughes blog. I just posted the story ideas for the concept EP that has been dubbed Five Sad Things. Not for the kids... or the faint of heart.


tk said...

I admit that I am using your site for publicity concerning an issue, a sad humanitarian issue, that i read about today. Please do not be upset concerning the usage of your site, but rather seriously consider the plea below.

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"Please include your phone number so she can call you if she needs to. Lupe has been in the valley for many years and lives on 12th St. and Northern. I believe she goes to a Spanish congregation but I have seen her attend Sunnyslope and Squaw Peak a few times. If you could help her out she would really appreciate it. Plus you get delicious tamales!"

That was written by Jayme. Please, if you are able, buy some tamales to support our sister. Let me know if you have any questions! ~tkwayfarer32@yahoo.com~ or my blog ~ http://tkabstract.blogspot.com ~

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tk said...
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